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Carpet Cleaning

Steam Carpet Cleaning

If your carpet needs a deep, thorough cleaning, there is no better method than steam cleaning! As a matter of fact, steam cleaning is the most recommended form of carpet cleaning by carpet manufacturers. It's not only acknowledged as a highly effective cleaning style, but also for its gentleness on your carpet. Here are some of the benefits to steam cleaning:

1) A carpet that is steam cleaned is a carpet with a prolonged life. By taking the necessary steps to protect and clean your carpet you are also protecting your bank account! A carpet that has seen better days can easily benefit from steam cleaning and be almost restored to its former glory. This cost is nominal compared to the cost of having a full carpet replaced.


2) Over time your carpet attracts a multitude of allergens and even dust mites. This does not mean your house is dirty by any means as these things build up in any home or carpet. But they can have an effect on the health and well being of your family. This is especially true in homes with small children and pets that often play, lay and generally spend more time on the floor. By having your carpets steam cleaned you are removing these elements from your carpet and providing a cleaner space for your family to relax and play.


3) Take a look under sink. Chances are you have several different cleaning solutions for carpets stains as well as deodorizers. By having your carpets professionally cleaned you can reduce the amount of cleaning supplies you need and that translates into more money in your pocket! Also the cleaning solutions used by us do a better job which is why it helps to prolong the carpet's life. So stow away those cleaning supplies in favor of letting us get down to business cleaning carpets!


4) A professionally cleaned carpet is definitely a thing of beauty, but it's effect is not just limited to the carpet. A clean carpet can make the room or the entire house look better! This is not only important when it comes to making a good impression; it also elevates the mood of your entire family. If you happen to be considering selling your home, cleaning the carpet can be an easy way to make your home more attractive to potential buyers.


Tips to Prepare for Carpet Cleaning

  * Please make sure your pets are secured some place where we won't disturb them
* Please move as much furniture as you can (we're more than happy to help move furniture, if requested) and please remove breakables from any piece of furniture that will be staying where it is during the cleaning
* Please vacuum as much as you can, especially edges
* Please speak with your technician about any questions or concerns you have
* Please know that we do ask for payment prior to starting services unless other arrangements have been made

Area Rugs

Cleaning Area Rugs

We at Swan's exercise the utmost care in the handling of your area rugs entrusted to us for cleaning at all times.

Area rugs require special attention and care, which is why we recommend that they be cleaned in our shop. We thoroughly inspect your area rug to determine the best course of treatment. If any additional treatment above and beyond the basic clean is needed, we will notify you immediately with an estimate of cost and get your approval before we do anything further.

Just like carpet, it's important to have your area rugs steam cleaned! We recommend at least every two years. This can improve your family's health by reducing potentially harmful allergens.



Cleaning Upholstery

There is no need to have soiled furniture re-upholstered or even thrown out anymore! Our master technicians can dramatically change the appearance of your upholstered furniture with our safe and gentle upholstery cleaning methods!


Cleaning your upholstery will not only help your furniture look newer, it will also help maintain clean air quality by ridding your home, office, vehicle, RV, aircraft or boat of potentially harmful allergens, such as: pet dander, dust mites, mold spores, and other contaminates.


Did you know that Swan's also cleans carpets & upholstery in your RV or camper, boat & car! No more dingy car seats to greet your passengers or carpets that resemble your last camping trip in the mud!


Boat cushions can always be brought in to our shop to clean off the winter dust or spruce them up after a busy summer!


We've even been known to clean a plane or two!


Additional Services

STAIN SHIELD: Life's full of surprises in this everyday world of kids, pets, spills and splatters. And who has time to worry about the daily threats your carpet and furniture have to face? Who wants to?! To help defend your carpet and upholstery, Swan's Clean Care & Restoration uses DuPont Teflon Advanced Carpet and Upholstery Protector. The same Teflon brand technology that keeps foods from sticking to your pots and pans prevents those inevitable spills from sticking to your carpet or upholstery! Teflon Advanced creates a powerful, invisible shield around each fiber to keep dirt, dust and liquids from lodging within the carpet or upholstery. Teflon Advanced is nontoxic and safe to use around your family and pets. It leaves no odor or residue.

ODOR CONTROL: Does your carpet smell like your pets, cigarette smoke or musty? Not a problem! Swan's Clean Care & Restoration can effectively treat most carpet odors. We use deodorizers that don't just mask the smell but eliminate it. And of course we always use products that are environmentally friendly, as well as safe for kids and pets! And if our deodorizing sprays don't cut it, we have the ozone machine! 

CARPET REPAIRS/STRETCHING: Have you noticed any tears, holes or wrinkles in your carpet? Swan's Clean Care & Restoration can do most repairs/stretching! And at a fraction of the cost of a carpet installer! 

INFRARED THERMAL IMAGING: Swan's Clean Care & Restoration is the proud owner of an Infra-Red Thermal Imaging Camera! This camera will be able to detect hidden problems in your home or business quickly and easily. This hi-tech method will give you the ability to tackle a problem area quickly and avoid a costly mess in the future.


Crime/Trauma Clean-Up

 We're available 24/7 and provide the following:

  • Immediate Response
  • Discreet & understanding service
  • All paperwork ready to be submitted to insurance for reimbursement
  • In compliance with IICRC Training

We understand that this may be a very emotional time for you and your family. The following website allows you to search for therapists in your area by specialty:

We offer the following services to help prevent the transmission of blood borne pathogens:

  • Removal of all contaminated porous materials, such as:
    • Bedding
    • Carpeting
    • Upholstered Furniture
    • Drywall
  • Cleaning and sanitizing non-porous materials, such as:
    • Sinks
    • Bath tubs
    • Toilets
    • Tile
  • Safe disposal of all hazardous materials

**Blood borne pathogens are microorganisms that can cause disease. Infections from blood borne pathogens can result in chronic infection, serious illness and even death. Examples of blood borne pathogens are: Malaria, Hepatitis B & C, Syphilis, Brucellosis and HIV. Blood borne pathogens are transmitted through blood, mucus membranes and sexual contact. Hepatitis B can live for over seven days in dried blood. The first step to prevent disease is to keep the organism from entering the body.**

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